Arkan M. Gerges

I love programming since 1995, it's part of my life. Thanks for the programming and tech communities, they helped me a lot to learn from them and to increase my knowledge.

What I Have/Do

Make Architecture Decisions

Define the architecture decisions and design principles used to guide technology decisions within the team, the department, or across the enterprise.

Keep Current with Latest Trends

Keep up to date on the latest technologies and industry trends. Understanding and following key trends helps to be prepared for the future and make correct decisions.

Have Business Domain Knowledge

Understanding not only the technology but also the business domain of a problem space, and based on it the decisions will be made. Communicate with the stakeholders and make a bridge between the business domain and the code through the ubiquitous language.

Interpersonal Skills

As an architect, interpersonal skills are very important, including teamwork, facilitation and leadership. These skills are difficult as trying to solve people problems, but as technologists usually developers like to solve them. As an architect the interpersonal skills are needed to guide, coach and mentor the developer team and to effectively communicate the ideas and architecture decisions and principles.

Fun Facts

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